Advanced Search

Advanced Search
Advanced Search extension for Magento2 helps customers to save time searching for desired product, find results significantly faster. Customize autocomplete popup display according to users' needs and make product search process as easy as it can be.

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Software Version

Magento 2.0.0 - Magento 2.0.1 - Magento 2.0.2 - Magento 2.0.x
Magento 2.1.0 - Magento 2.1.1 - Magento 2.1.2 - Magento 2.1.x
Magento 2.2.0 - Magento 2.2.1 - Magento 2.2.2 - Magento 2.2.x
  • Category based search results
  • Better search with attributes included
  • Show Add to cart button
  • Display product reviews
  • Select colors for popup elements
  • Set autocomplete parameters
  • Admin can enable keyword and category suggestions from Magento backend


Category based search results
Enable categories block to show search results based on category attributes. Admin can also hide specific categories from the filter if needed. Determine maximal length for category names and descriptions to make your search autocomplete window look informative and clear. This Magento search extension allows you to search by all product attributes (name, price, color, description, etc..), tags and catalogs.
Better search with attributes included
Include product attributes in search algorithm. Specify their weight in search results. Your customers can filter products by any available attributes like color, manufacturer, material, etc and have more relevant results. Added ability to set priority of searchable attributes, which has a great impact on the order of products in search results. Added search terms highlighting in displayed results.
Show Add to cart button
Display Add to cart button next to the product in the search autocomplete popup to let customers purchase necessary products right away.
Display product reviews
To help customers make the purchase decision much faster you can show product reviews and ratings in the search autocomplete window. Advanced Search extension also display product search suggestions with thumbnails, price, rating and short description.
Select colors for popup elements
Choose the color for each search window elementaccording to your needs. Use color picker to select the necessary tint in seconds. You can also indicate the window width in pixels to make it fit in with other page elements.
Set autocomplete parameters
With the advanced search in Magento 2 feature customers won't have to insert the entire word to start searching. You can specify the minimal number of characters which customers need to type in to trigger the search process.

How does this work?

The Advanced Search extension for Magento 2 by Mage-Addons makes the idea of really fast and convenient on-site search possible.
The combination of the Elasticsearch engine, autocomplete suggestions, typo corrections, and improved native Magento synonyms make the extension a powerful solution that suits businesses of any size in any domain.
As soon as a customer starts typing in the search box, he immediately receives relevant autosuggestions. The provided results can be further refined taking customers to products, CMS pages, blogs, and FAQs with no delays thanks to Elasticsearch.
The implemented usability features allow a significant improvement in the user experience, which makes the whole process convenient and straightforward.

Why needed?

Searching and looking for products are the main aspects of any shopping website. Users love websites that enable easy searching and product finding. Advanced Search Extension increases engagement and user retainment by making products’ search convenient across your website's data. Features like powerful search, auto-suggesting of search results, customizable auto-complete popup, advanced searching and more, makes this a valuable extension for your Magento Store.

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  • The best Magento 2 search engine out there!
  • We had tried using the built in Magento 2 search engine for the first few months and were constantly disappointed by its results. Searches for an exact sku would show almost completely unrelated results and broad search terms were almost completely unusable. That all changed when we installed the Sphinx Search Ultimate extension. Searches are way faster and the real time search feature is amazing! Searches for skus now results in exact matches and the suggestions given for broad search terms is very helpful. Installation was very easy and the admin interface is very intuitive. If you're looking for a search engine to do it all, this is it!
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  • installed in our M2 dev environ
  • we are migrating to M2, and so far this product is doing what we require. still testing but so far so good
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    Functions as Described
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  • Fast and easy
  • There is no reason I should refuse this great module after realizing its advantages. I have experienced it for 5 months, and will keep using in the future
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    Functions as Described
  • Too cheap
  • The price is too cheap compared to its effiency. 5 stars for your extenstion, Lanofcoder
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    Functions as Described
  • Fantastic
  • Great extension and support is awesome i need some customization and they given on time thanks
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    Functions as Described

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How to improve usability for Magento 2 add to cart process

Magento 2 introduced a new and improved way for adding products to the cart. The system now offers complete asynchronous (ajax) process, although the process itself is not activated in default application state. It requires some manual adjustments in the script call inside the templates. Someone would think, ok, we will simply modify the template script calls and that’s it! We successfully improved the process. Unfortunately, not so fast! There is still more room left for improvement. If you’re interested, let’s find out what’s left on the table.